How to Remove Songs From Your iPod

By Steve Goltiao 
This short but easy tutorial will show you how to remove songs from your iPod, as this feature has (unfortunately) not been added to everyone's favorite music player.
How to setup your iPod for manual updates:

First, you need to make sure that you change the settings which allow you to manually update your ipod.
1. Hook up your iPod to your computer.
2. Start iTunes.
3. Highlight your iPod in the source list
4. On the bottom right corner of the iTunes window, you will see a small icon that looks like the silhouette of an iPod - click it.
5. Select "Manually manage songs and playlists" and click OK.
How to remove songs from your ipod manually:

1. Keep iTunes open and your iPod connected to your computer.
2. Go back to your source list and click on your iPod.
3. Choose all of the song(s)/playlist(s) you want to remove.
4. Press delete and you're done!
It is important to note that songs that have been deleted from your iPod have not been deleted from iTunes. You must do this separately.
Now that you know how to remove songs from your iPod, it's time to pack it with all of your NEW favorite songs! Have fun!
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