Copying Songs From an iPod to a New Computer

By Victor Vargo Platinum Quality Author

If you own an iPod then you already know how much fun they can be. Your iPod provides hours of enjoyment, as you listen to your favorite music any time that you want and anywhere that you happen to be. The iPod is one of the best multimedia playing devices on the market these days. It seems like almost everyone has one.

If you want to get the most out of your iPod experience, though, you might be wondering if you can copy songs from your iPod onto a new computer. Well, yes you can. The process is fairly easy, but it does require you to have the iTunes software installed on the computer that you wish to copy songs from your iPod over to. You need the software in order to view or copy the MP3 song files that reside on your iPod. There are other software programs, similar to iTunes, available, which you can use instead. However, iTunes is the official Apple iPod synchronizing software program. Other programs are not as well known and may not produce consistent results when you try to copy songs from your iPod to your new computer.

After you have iTunes, or a similar program, installed on the computer, the rest is easy. To begin copying songs from your iPod to the computer, just plug the iPod into the computer's USB port. Then wait for the iPod to synchronize with the computer. Once it has, all you need to do is open the iTunes program, select the music that you want to copy to the library and drag the songs to the library. It's that simple.

There are several good reasons for copying your iPod songs to a new computer. For example, perhaps you already had your iPod songs on your computer, but your computer died unexpectedly and you had to get a new one. It is always handy to have your iPod songs on you computer. After all, just because you like to listen to music when you are on the go does not mean you do not listen to it when you are home and sitting at your computer.

Another likely reason for copying iPod songs to a new computer is if a friend or family member asks you to share your songs, though. If you want to be able to share your iPod songs with them, just make sure they have iTunes installed on their computer and you will be all set. So, as you can tell, it is easy to copy songs from your iPod to a new computer. Just download iTunes and enjoy sharing your music library with your friends. It's also important co consider the legal and ethical ramifications of sharing songs between iPods.

As you can now tell, there are several ways to transfer your existing songs, videos and other files from your iPod to a new computer. Knowing this will most certainly provide you with more peace-of-mind that in the case of a computer crash, your valuable songs will not be lost or trapped forever on your iPod.

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