How to Copy Files From iPod to iPod or iPhone

By James Preston Platinum Quality Author
Copying your iPod library files - your music, your video, your ringtones - to another iPod seems like an obvious thing that people might want to do. Upgrade your iPod to a newer, fancier model for instance. Share personal videos with friends (nah, we are not going to talk about illegally sharing music, now are we?). Let your little sister have some of the cool new tunes you have added to your iTunes library since you gave her your old iPod. No brainers, right?
Apple, unfortunately, decided that ITunes should not be able to help iPod owners do this, no matter how legitimate the need or use. Their logic seems to be to prevent illegal file sharing...which is a worthy cause, of course.
Sadly, though, that means that all people doing legitimate filesharing - and there are lots of it going on - get punished. It is a 'guilty until proven innocent' approach.
Well, thank goodness for 3rd party vendors.
The cream of the crop is the IPod 2 iPod transfer utility, created by The Boys DownUnder, a New Zealand firm, allows you to copy your files from one iPod to another via your local computer or even across a network. It is remarkably easy to use.
You can drag and drop Songs, Playlists or Videos between iPods. You can find duplicate songs and delete the darn things, saving valuable space for more music!
You can also sort your songs by artist, genre, albums and all the other things you want to sort that, say, you just want to share the tracks made by your favorite local garage band (the one where you are the drummer), you do not have to go wandering around your iPod to try to find them and transfer them.
Ah...but what if you don not have a computer and want to transfer files anyway? Well, give the Hitch iPod2iPod USB Transfer Device a look. With this cool tool you can link two iPods - or any other USB enabled storage devices - and instantly transfer music, videos or other data between the two. You could hook up your iPod to your digital camera or your flash drive, for example, and directly transfer the files. The downside of Hitch - and it is a big one - is that it only works with Windows-configured iPods. If that's not an option, then iPod2iPod...or the old 'transfer to iTunes - synch to the new iPod' is the way to go.
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