How to Find iPod Movies

By Gary Venrooy

With the thousands of video devices on the market place, many people don't realize that their choices for where to find movies for them is just about as broad. While the most popular portable video device is the iPod, many people believe that the only place to find movies for this device is at the iTunes store. This is simply not the case.

There are hundreds of sites popping up on the Internet now that allow you to download movies for your portable devices, including the iPod. While there are plenty of these sites that are not that great, there are some that are excellent. And not only are the movies excellent, but the price and download speeds are excellent as well. And some of these will even allow you unlimited downloading for a one time only price.

The trick is finding the excellent sites among the "junk" sites. Just doing a mere search will turn up hundreds of different sites to sort through, and many of them will end up being junk sites. Just wading through these sites will end up costing you more money than it's worth. What I would suggest is that you do a search, and when you find a site that you think looks like a possibility for good iPod movies, do a little bit of research on it. Many times if a site is a junk site, people will be complaining about it in the different ipod movies forums. And you should easily be able to find complaints, if there are any, by doing a few simple Google searches.

And the other trick to finding excellent iPod movie sites, is by letting someone else do it for you. What I'm talking about is a good iPod Movie comparison site. Many times these sites do the dirty work and come up with a list of good sites. We Do the dirty work of finding excellent iPod Movies for you to download!

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