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By R James Cook Platinum Quality Author
Enhance Your iPod Experience With One of These Great Speaker Systems
Apple's iPod is easily one of the most significant consumer electronics products to come along in recent memory. While there were portable MP3 players before it, the iPod packaged it in a way that appealed to the masses, much like Sony's original Walkman in the 80's. When it became the de facto fashion accessory of actors and athletes, its success was assured.
One thing that the iPod lacks, however, is the ability to play music out loud. While it is possible to plug a pair of cheap speakers into the headphone jack, just like you could with a Walkman, that just didn't fit in with the design aesthetic of the iPod. People wanted their speakers to be sleek and attractive, just like the iPod it was attached to. Thus was born the desktop iPod speaker system.
Mini-Reviews of Desktop iPod Speaker Systems
The audio wizards at Cambridge SoundWorks have created what could be the ultimate desktop iPod speaker system: the SoundWorks i765. In addition to being both speakers and a docking connection for your iPod, the i765 also features a built-in CD player, radio, alarm clock, and even a DVD player. You can leave it on your desktop to play music from any of these sources, or plug it into your home audio-video system to listen to your iPod over your big stereo and watch videos from your iPod on your big-screen television. It also features a built-in powered subwoofer, guaranteeing great sound that's capable of filling a room. This great sound and wide versatility does come at a price, however. At an MSRP of $499.99, this is one desktop iPod speaker system you'll want to use every day you can, just to make sure you get your money's worth.
Another excellent desktop iPod speaker system is the Bose SoundDock. While the price is slightly less offensive, the MSRP of $349.99 is still steep, especially considering that this is a single-purpose unit. You will, however, be hard-pressed to find a better-sounding desktop iPod speaker system anywhere. The Bose SoundDock is the ideal system for any iPod audiophile.
Compared to these two, the $149.99 (MSRP) Amplifi from Griffin Technology is an absolute steal. While its sound will never be confused with a Bose or Cambridge SoundWorks product, it is more than adequate as a desktop iPod speaker system for the average listener. Its marketing material includes all the usual things you look for in decent-quality speakers: wood construction, acoustically tuned enclosure, down-firing woofer, etc. Out of these three models of desktop iPod speaker systems, the Amplifi undoubtedly provides the best price-to-quality ratio.
Quality Music is Just as Important as Quality Speakers
One important thing to consider when you're considering buying a desktop iPod speaker system is the quality of the music stored on your iPod. If the music was encoded at a low bitrate, it's not going to sound very good no matter how good a system you play it on. Most music purchased online, such as through iTunes, is encoded at a low bitrate, which makes it easier to download over the internet. If this is the majority of your music, you are better off looking for the cheapest speakers you can find, because the music isn't going to sound that great anyways. On the other hand, if you most of your music was ripped from CD at a high bitrate, desktop iPod speaker systems like those reviewed here will enhance your listening experience.
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